Thursday, July 24, 2014

Our Website Got A Makeover!

If you've visited our website in the last few days you will have noticed a major change. Gone is the vibrant rainbow of colours and the busy buttons in exchange for a more simple, streamlined look.  It still requires some little tweaks here and there but overall things seem to be functioning well.

The goal of our website is to communicate well all that is going on in the world of HMC - a one-stop-learn-all, if you will.

So far, we've had very little feedback in regards to what people actually want from our website so we're putting the question to you...

What do you use our website for?  

Does the website meet your needs?

Are there things we should add/take away?

Please use the comment link below to share your suggestions and we will do our best to make our website a helpful tool for anyone connected to the Hanover Missionary Church. 


  1. Well not about the website but... I think you guys should start video recording the sermons and uploading them to the website! Videos are much more engaging and attention grabbing and they're much better than just audio sermons! Even if they're low quality. Ours are just filmed on a handy cam!

    1. Thanks, Emily! That's already on the to-do list for this year - we're just working out the details!!

  2. Love it!!! The women's social page looks AWESOME! Thanks for all your work!!!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! Anytime you want something added there just let me know!